Jane Guide.

Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Browsers & Devices

Online Booking

Jane’s online booking pages are designed to work on anything and everything, from that old ’90s PC to the latest phones and tablets.  So rest assured that your patients will have a good experience booking online no matter what they’re using.

Admin Site

Jane’s admin site is best experienced in Google Chrome or Safari 7 or later. Why is that? Jane takes advantage of many leading-edge web technologies, and we find that Chrome and Safari support these technologies best.

So, on a computer, use Chrome or Safari.

On a tablet or phone, you can use the default browser, because they’re all compatible.  If you’re on an iPad (2nd generation or newer) or iPhone, the built-in Safari browser works great.  And Chrome on the Android devices is great too. If you’re using a Microsoft Surface (in tablet mode), make sure you have run all the updates and the built in Internet Explorer 11 should do the trick.

First Generation iPads, Firefox and Internet Explorer/Edge (except Internet Explorer in tablet mode on a Microsoft Surface) are not recommended.

Tablet Tips

You can gain some screen real estate by saving Jane to your home screen on your tablet or phone.  When Jane launches from the home screen, Jane will fill the whole screen without the pesky browser address bars at the top and bottom.

You can save Jane to your home screen by logging into your Jane account and then:

iOS: Touch the “Share” button then the “Add to Home Screen” button.

Android:  Instructions