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Charting for a Past Date

It’s important to note that while you can adjust the date of the chart entry to reflect the date of service, you can not back date the date and time of the “signed at” stamp. To comply with charting regulations Jane will accurately record and display the date and time that the chart entry was signed.

You can, however, change the date of the chart entry to reflect the actual date of the visit in two ways.

From an Appointment

If you chart from your daysheet view, Jane will automatically link the chart entry to that date of service. If the visit is selected you’ll see a check box on the appointment. Add a chart entry from here and Jane will date the entry to that date.

Manual Override

If you are adding entries from the Patient Tab you can alter the date manually by clicking on the blue date at the to of the entry.

Once you’ve clicked on the date you will get a date picker.

Hope that helps and happy charting ;)