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ICBC Chiro - Flat Fee Program

Flat Fee Program Notes and References

ICBC does not permit electronic billing for the Chiropractic Flat Fee Program.  That means there are a couple of steps to work through to set up the insurance properly and that the billing is then completed by faxing in the various reports or through their online form.  

First of all - to learn more about the Flat Fee Program visit the ICBC Reference Page for Chiros.

Especially helpful might be the Flat Fee Chiro Payment Schedule that shows all the rates and when you can charge them.

Create an Insurer in Jane

The first step for working with Jane is to create an insurer for ICBC - Chiro Flat Fee.  You can review this help document for more details on setting up an insurer.   In this case, you will want to call it something like ICBC - Flat Fee.  It would look like this:

And for a super snazzy experience add the online form submission address in the “Portal” area so that Jane will launch the form for you. The portal address is: https://onlinebusiness.icbc.com/eforms/dotcom/jsp/CL470.jsp

Create Billing Codes in Jane

Next, you’ll need to create billing codes for the different billings you’ll send to ICBC.   Do this in the “Billing Codes” area under the Settings tab.  Choose “New Billing Code” and set up a code for the ICBC fee.  

It seems that everyone is managing the billing of the flat fee program a little differently, so it depends on how you work with the flat fee program in your clinic.

Some are creating a single $900 billing code (which is the value of the entire course of treatment), and then they are working down the full amount as they submit reports. This has the benefit of leaving the original invoice as an outstanding amount in A/R which can serve as a reminder to submit the 11C even if the patient drops out of care unexpectedly.

Others are creating different billing codes for each of the reports and amounts that get billed to ICBC individually. Again, here’s the Flat Fee Chiro Payment Schedule that shows all the rates and when you can charge them.

You can call your billing codes anything you like, and they might look something like this:

Creating a Claim and Recording the Zero Dollar Visits (Subsequent)

Because the ICBC Flat Fee program is billed in parts, follow-up visits do not need to record a sale. This step is done while you’re creating the patient’s claim. See this help document for more tips on  setting up a patient claim. .

In the claim you can set the Initial Visit Billing Code to your initial report, using the billing codes you created earlier; the Subsequent Visit Billing Code field will be left blank as the default and then over ride it on the dates you will be submitting invoices.

The last key step is to set the Max Amount field to $0. This will ensure nothing is billed to ICBC for these subsequent visits.

Submitting Reports

We mentioned above that the agreement between ICBC and Chiros is that reports are submitted either via fax or the online form on ICBC’s website.

If you’ve added the online form to the portal area of your ICBC insurer then you can launch the report from the Claim Screen.

From the Schedule click on the appointment to open the appointment pane to the right. At the top there is the claim in blue.

When you click on the blue words there you will launch the claim window including a link to the report:

Will launch this:

If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch and one our support peeps would be more than happy to help you out.