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Online Booking: Choosing What Is Offered Online (Locations, Staff, Shifts, Treatments etc).

When setting up online booking, you have a few options on what gets displayed online and how it is displayed.

Choosing Whether to Have Online Booking at All!

Head to the Settings tab and then find the Clinic Info and Locations area:

Scroll down to your Locations listing and use the “View” button to open up a location:

There you’ll find a check box which will determine whether that location will show up on your online booking site:

Choosing Whether Staff Show Up

You might have staff that don’t want to show up online at all.

Every staff member can be set differently, so you can have some that aren’t displayed in online booking at all.

That setting is found in the Staff Profile, under the Online Booking Tab. Uncheck the “Enable Online Booking” and that staff member will not be displayed at all online.

Choosing Whether Shifts Show Up

You might also only want certain shifts, or certain parts of a shift to show up online. You can set each shift to have it’s own behaviour with online booking.

Here’s more information on Adding Staff Shifts.

Once you’ve added a shift you can use the “Book Online” checkbox to choose whether that shift shows up online or not.

If you want only part of your day to show up online, you can choose to build a shift with multiple “mini-shifts” and then have them behave differently. For example, setting shifts up on the way to the left will show availability on the right.

Call to Book

You can also make your shifts show up online but still request that people call to book.

The Call to Book button will show up like this - with availability displaying, but instructing the client to call in.

Treatments as Call to Book

Finally, if you want your shifts to be available but have certain treatments for which you would like to pre-approve clients, you can have just that treatment option as call to book.

This setting is found in the Settings - Treatments area.

I hope this makes your online booking set up a little more unique to the way you like things.

And since we’re on the topic, feel free to check out some other tips on Setting up your Online Booking like a Boss.