Maybe you'd be a great fit for Jane's team.

Job Description

As a rapidly growing start up, we’re looking for a champion, pioneer and problem solver to introduce Jane to new marketing channels. You will be the first of your kind at Jane - with our current growth having come from organic word of mouth referrals. But now we’re ready to reach out to an even bigger audience, both locally and internationally through social media, blogs, influencer campaigns, educational institutions and associations.

Working in a tech start up is fast paced and exciting - but it is not for everyone! You will need to work with our leadership team to build out your role and adjust on the fly as needed. We love problem solvers at Jane (did I say that already?). And you have to be on point with your Slack jokes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You should be capable of capturing the voice of a brand and understand appropriate tone for Jane as a friendly company and for Jane’s audience of professional small business owners.

The Details

Your job is to increase customer acquisition rate by envisioning, creating, launching, managing, reporting on and adjusting awareness and content marketing campaigns, creating and managing influencer relationships and to introduce Jane to Allied Health schools and associations in Jane’s current markets.

After campaigns have been launched, you will extract and analyze data across multiple channels and adjust campaigns for optimal conversions.

tl;dr: Make sure the right people know about Jane so they can sign up.


  • Write content with appropriate tone and subject matter for relevant audiences
  • Maneuver digital marketing campaigns through all areas of the project life cycle
  • Provide analytical reporting of campaigns to stakeholders
  • Review campaigns daily, perform A/B tests, update language and brand positioning and know your…. stuff.
  • Adjust campaigns for optimal performance
  • Identify connect and develop influencer relationships and campaigns
  • Create and distribute awareness and content campaigns for schools and associations.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent is nice but really experience is better
  • Experience managing digital marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Adwords. Strong written, verbal and collaboration skills.
  • Experience creating content (writing/editing skills).

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Ruby Developer

May 01, 2017

We’re looking for a full-time developer to join the Jane team in North Vancouver, BC.

You would be working on Jane’s Ruby app developing features and performing bug fixes.

We are looking for experience with:

  • Ruby
  • Automated Testing
  • Production Deploys
  • Git
  • Postgres
  • Redis
  • Memcache

You have:

  • Worked on a code base with more than 30000 LOC
  • At least 5 years of programming and linux experience
  • A passion for learning and a desire to improve at your craft

Please send us a note describing why you’d be awesome at this job to

Job Type: Full-time

Location: North Vancouver (Please no remote or re-location applicants)

Customer Service

April 24, 2017

We have a crazy high bar for support and so we’re continuing to staff up our support team to keep that level high.

Our Support staff are also our Sales staff - but Jane doesn’t cold call. We grow the same way our client’s do: by providing a superior service that people recommend to their friends. The Support positions at Jane involve handling phone and email correspondence from either current or interested users, running online demos by request, and possibly attending some conferences on occasion to (wo)man the Jane booth. At Jane our goal is to offer friendly, qualified, knowledgable support that can be depended on for accurate and speedy responses.

We love that our support team are the ones that also field the sales calls, because it means that there is no over promising. The same people who have to support things one one side are the ones that are explaining what Jane can do to potential users. Who better qualified! We have extremely lovely and happy users, and this is one of the reasons why. We never over promise and we always aim to over deliver.

Jane jobs are ideally full time and we’re hoping for local to Vancouver but would consider remote if it makes sense for everyone.

Our number one requirement is that our staff fall in love with Jane.

We value a good fit over experience but relevant experience in the clinical world is like gold. If you’ve ever worked a front desk or managed a clinic we would love to hear your story. Same thing with supporting another software or having used Jane before - of course!

Here’s the Jane Support Staff Zodiak Sign.

You’re a smart, slightly nerdy, energetic self starter. You have a lovely phone and email manner and a willingness to be awesome. You like helping others and enjoy lame jokes and somewhat on topic gif responses. You’re not afraid to ask for help if you don’t know the answer and you love being depended on. You are curious and always looking to learn and have an inclusive and open attitude.

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